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Frequently asked questions and answers

  • How do I install HAM OFFICE on a new NAS drive or on another network?

  • The installation works as follows. If HAM OFFICE is not yet installed, then skip the corresponding line:
    Create a data backup in HAM Office on a USB stick ()
    Uninstall HAM OFFICE on both computers. Reinstall HAM OFFICE on both computers. During the installation you will be asked twice for a folder. Leave the program folder like the default.
    In the second question about the data folder, enter the NAS drive or another network drive.
    After the installation, read your data backup back on one of the PCs ()
    The programs can then access the same data on both PCs.
  • Why does the online update only get the message that the updateinfo.txt file cannot be loaded?

  • It is possible that the PC cannot cope with HTTPS (Win XP).
    Download the update directly from the download area of www.hamoffice.de. (If HAM OFFICE is older than version 6.246.1.)
    If you also have HAM LABEL or HAM ATLAS, then uninstall the HAM OFFICE-MasterEdition via the Windows control panel and reinstall it with the current setup file from the download page. (Do not worry, the data will not be lost during the deinstallation, because only program files will be deleted.)
    In the new version you will find the option "secure HTTPS queries" under "Extras - Program options - Callbook & Internet - Settings". Uncheck there. Then the web access from the program should work again and future updates should be possible again as before directly via the program.
    HAM LABEL and HAM ATLAS also have this HTTPS option in the program options.
  • Why is the annual license being advertised instead of the one-time purchase?

  • It is completely understandable that the 365-day offer is not for everyone. But that's exactly why we still have the option of purchasing an upgrade with an unlimited license, as before. So for someone who doesn't like the new model, everything stays the same.
    Apart from that, the new model is also quite suitable for many, which is why we introduced it. For some, it is financially advantageous if they only have to pay EUR 12 instead of EUR 45. Even if this occurs annually, it is manageable for those who have little money.
    At least as important, however, are those users who wish that new, large functions would not only be added to the program in a few years' time, but more regularly if, for example, they have proposed a new function themselves. With an annual license you then have an advantage.
    For us, the annual license is not a financial advantage for the foreseeable future, because we will then be challenged in a completely different way.
  • Can it be installed on a NAS drive?

  • Info from OM Kordsmeyer:

    Maybe a little hint about installing the program package on a NAS drive.
    This has an assigned LW letter for me, which, however, cannot be addressed when the program is installed.
    But where there is a will, there is also a way:
    With the IP in front it goes:\\\NAS\Programs\ - or whatever the path will or is.
    So I can access HO from all computers.

  • Do the programs also run on a Mac?

  • In principle, these programs are not written for the Mac, but you can work around it, as Peter, HB9TRR shows in the following:

    I have been using your software, Ham Office and Ham Atlas for many years. As a Mac user, I always had the AFU programs running on a Windows laptop. That always bothered me, but I still didn't want to do without the great logbook.
    In the meantime I have changed everything. I am using Parallel Desktop 11 with Windows 10 on my iMac. Your programs run excellently under this configuration and there are no problems with either the CAT control or the online connection to various clusters or e.g. QRZ.COM.

    Important points to consider: The Ham Office databases should also be saved on the virtual machine during installation. The browser of the virtual Windows machine must be used for the updates so that everything runs smoothly.

    All programs run in the Windows window or, as I prefer, in Coherence mode.

  • Help is not displayed

  • Info from Torsten, DL9GTB: It is a Windows problem and therefore occurs in many programs. The solution is to right-click on "ho.chm" - Properties - and allow access to files from other computers.
  • Is the registration tied to a callsign, or can I use that for callsigns within the family as well?

  • We will be happy to create a new registration key for family members in the same household. You can then use this registration key to install HAM Office for another family member. This new registration key costs nothing.
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